Est. 2011
Regenerative farming.
Family raised pork, lamb, & vegetables.

Woody Ryno Farms is locally owned and operated here in Humboldt County. Located in Dow's Prairie on the bluff overlooking the mouth of Little River, our original goal was to produce high-quality pasture-raised meat for our family. We quickly realized that we wanted to provide the same superior meat to our local community. By adhering to regenerative agricultural practices, Woody Ryno produces healthy meats for our friends and family, and also improves the soil and biodiversity on the land we manage.

Learn more about regenerative farming practices and our commitment to our community and sustainability here.


Woody Ryno Farms is committed to regenerative farming practices that build soil health and sequester carbon while producing nutrient-dense food for our community. That has lead us to adopt a no-till vegetable production model. We have found that through the use of simple yet effective method ls and tools we can cultivate our land without the need to invert and disturb our soil. We utilize a permanent bed system that is cultivated using a broadfork and tiller, this allows us to 


At Woody Ryno Farms we practice planned rotational grazing to allow the animals to have access to fresh pasture and forest while improving the health of the land. Our animals are provided with a portable shelter to allow them to seek refuge from rain or find shade on a hot day, when not in the forest.

Pasture/forest makes up roughly 40% of a pig's diet and we then supplement with a mix of organic Okara (the by-product of soymilk and tofu production) from the Arcata Tofu Shop, and spent brewer's grain from 6 Rivers Brewery. We also supplement their diet with farm-raised pumpkins and veggies when in season, as well as providing access to trace minerals.

When our pigs reach market weight we train them to the trailer by feeding them in it for the last week on the farm. This reduces the stress associated with loading for their trip to the abattoir.

Our Katahdin/Dorper sheep are 100% pasture-raised they fed hay to supplement diet when necessary to maintain optimal body condition and health.


"To be interested in food but not in food production is clearly absurd."

-Wendell Berry

Our owners, Amber & Chris, have a long history with sustainability and ecosystems and believe food production and biome management go hand-in-hand. The health of our bodies and minds begins with what we put into our mouths.


  • He shares his years of  learning as a Certified Regrarians REX Team Member, focused on holistic grazing and regenerative farm management.


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