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Woody Ryno's

Buying Club

No Freezer Space - No Problem!

You can still have all the locally raised fresh pork you desire! Our Buying Club option was built for the consumer that does not have large freezers and who wants to be more selective in the cuts they eat. The Buying Club allows you to pick and choose what pork cuts you would like, and pick them up every week or every other week, or at a pace that works for you.


How it works: 

  • Buying Club members will receive a prepaid Woody Ryno Farms membership card that can be used at any of our farmers market locations (Arcata Plaza on Saturdays from March-Dec, and at Eureka Natural Foods on Thursdays from June-Oct). 


  • You will be able to select from the cuts we have on hand at the markets and then pay using your membership card.


  • We offer two Membership options a Full Membership for $300 or Half Membership for $150.


  • Our buying club option is set up to work for you! The card does not expire at the end of the season; if you have money left on your card it is still valid at our local farmer's markets.


  • We will let you know at the end of each purchase what your remaining balance is so you can keep tabs on what you have left to spend.


  • When your card runs out of funds we can refill the same card and keep you in quality pork for years to come.

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